Fixed Income

Arion Asia Credit Fund (“AACF”) is One Asia’s flagship credit hedge fund. AACF seeks to deliver absolute returns rather than to perform in relation to any benchmark credit index.

The investment strategy of AACF is to identify undervalued or mispriced securities in the global credit universe with a particular focus on Asian credit. Our investment approach combines both a fundamental bottom up credit analysis along with a top down macro view, thereby allowing the fund to provide a superior risk return profile to our investors.


One Asia has strong background in equities and similar to our credit fund, the focus is largely on Asian markets. The investment approach follows a disciplined earnings growth and risk management process which focuses on company and industry fundamentals along with a macro overview. We aim to achieve superior medium to long term returns by investing in companies which exhibit sustained earnings growth and strong cash flows.

Alternative Investments

Our Alternative Investments business is a key component of our product offering.

The Alternative Investment funds that we carry provide innovative investment options outside the traditional asset classes of equities, fixed income and cash, giving our clients a source of diversification for their portfolio.


Our discretionary, long/short commodities fund employs a combination of fundamental and quantitative analysis in deployment of capital across global exchanges and platforms to take advantage of asset mispricing and global trends.